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Qigong is a Chinese practice that combines physical movements, breathing techniques, and meditation. It is designed to improve the flow of qi, or life energy, in the body and promote overall health and well-being.

Qigong has been shown to have a number of health benefits, including:

  1. Improving cardiovascular health: Qigong has been shown to improve cardiovascular health by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels

  2. Reducing stress and anxiety: Qigong has been found to be effective at reducing stress and anxiety

  3. Improving immune function: Qigong has been shown to improve immune function by increasing the production of immune cells

  4. Improving sleep: Qigong has been found to improve sleep quality in people with insomnia

  5. Improving cognitive function: Qigong has been shown to improve cognitive function, such as memory and attention, in older adults

About the Wild Goose Qigong

The Dayan (Wild Goose) Qigong set was developed by a Chinese monk 1,700 years ago. The set is based on the movements of the wild goose. It is structured in a way that enhances the circulation of Qi, the vital life force within the body. Continuous practice of Dayan Qigong can help improve flexibility and balance and strengthen the body and its immune system. It can be helpful in treating disorders of the nervous, digestive, circulatory, urinary systems, osteoarthritis, and stress. The first set of the 18-week Dayan Qigong program is offered three times a year with each class consisting of basic stretches, acupressure self-massage, meditation techniques, and a 64-movement form.


The second set of the Dayan qigong set is offered twice a year. Students wishing to take the second set must have at least one year of training in the first set.

1st Set Qigong Calendar

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