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Wen Wu Honors its 2022 Teacher of the Year: Roger Ramey

I joined the Sunday morning Tai Ji class in September 1975. Over the ensuing years l've focused on Tai Ji learning the Tai Ji form, its mirror image, mind body, single movement lines, breathing Tai Ji and Tai Ji sword. Along the way l also learned San Tsai sword and Luo spear. These have proven to be excellent physical culture developing coordination, range of motion, balance, presence of mind, leg strength and agility.

Master Chiang was very achievement oriented. He reached a high level in martial arts, calligraphy, painting, medicine and Chinese philosophy. He also expected his students to develop their potential. He once said that up to the age of forty you should strive for mastery. Forty to sixty was a time to deepen your mastery. Sixty on just enjoy. Having passed eighty I'm definitely in the enjoy phase. Somewhere in the enjoy phase we all find that some of our capacities have diminished.

Falling and senior moments are common. Balance and presence of mind are two capacities that Tai Ji addresses directly.

Roger teaches Tai Ji on Sunday at 7 am at Wen Wu


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