Wildgoose Qigong (Dayan) Schedule

Second Set Classes are available:

20-week class in 2017
Saturday 7:30-9:30am (Starts Feb 4, 2017)
Thursday 7:15-9:15pm (Starts Feb 2, 2017)

2nd set consists of 64 movements. It is more strenuous than the 1st set, and helps to develop more healing power.
Cost: $70/month for those who have completed the class at least once
$90/month for those who haven't yet completed learning the whole set.
$405 if paid in advance (this is a 10% discount)
Pre-requisite: Students must have completed 1st set successfully for one year or have recommendation from a 1st set instructor

Background of the Dayan Wildgoose Qigong Set

The Dayan Qigong set was developed by a Chinese monk 1,700 years ago. The set is based on the movements of the wild goose. It is structured in a way that enhances the circulation of Qi, the vital life force within the body. Continuous practice of Dayan Qigong can help improve flexibility and balance and strengthen the body and its immune system. It can be helpful in treating disorders of the nervous, digestive, circulatory, urinary systems, osteoarthritis, and stress. The first set of the 18-week Dayan Qigong program is offered three times a year with each class consisting of basic stretches, acupressure self-massage, meditation techniques, and a 64-movement form. The second set of the Dayan qigong set is offered twice a year. Students wishing to take the second set must have at least one year of training in the first set.

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2015-2017 1st set Qigong Teachers Re-Certification  Status

All Dayan (Wildgoose) Qigong 1st set teacher’s training graduates from Wen Wu School are required to attend an annual form check to maintain an active teaching status.    All teachers listed below have passed the form check in 2013, and therefore are re-certified for active teaching until August 2014.   All others’ teaching certificates have expired.

Alexandra Saikley Judy Timmel
Bob Rosenbaum Katy Langstaff
Bonnie Maly Kirstin Lindquist
Bruce Pao Linda Gustafson
Cynthia Eaton Marsha Takamoto
David Zurun Mary Law
Deborah Zaragoza Maureen Bernodt
Diana Lee Keena Peggy Dey
Diana Sloat Susan Carpendale
Dove Govrin Shari Chun
Edith Chiang  
Francesca Borgetta  
Isa Papa  
Jeanne Courtney  
Jerri Miner  
Joanna Schoon  
Jocelyn Pare  
John Dyckman  
Judy Shields  

2015-2016 2nd set Qigong Teachers Re-Certification  Status

Alexandra Saikley
Bob Rosenbaum
Bruce Pao
Cynthia Eaton
Diana keena
Edith Chiang
Jeanne Courtney
John Dyckman
Kirstin Lindquist
Linda Gustafson
MeeiLih Ahmad
Peggy Dey

2016-2017 Pai Da Gong Teachers Re-Certification  Status

Bob Rosenbaum

Lois Brady

JoAnna Schoon

Alexandra Saikley

Faustina Chen

Mary D’Angelo

Peggy Dey

Liang-Yeeng Lee

Judy Gillespie

Jeanne Courtney

Meei-Lih Ahmad

Gail Whang

Rich Huss

Jerri Miner



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